The Little Academy

                                              Nursery & Kindergarten  School (from 1.5  to 6 years)

I come into this world.... About which I know nothing....How I came I know not....Why I came I know not ....I am curious .... I am interested.... I am the child.....Poem by  Mamie Cole


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Welcome to the web-world of the little academy (TLA).

TLA encourages children to develop a positive self-image and a love of learning from which cognitive growth naturally follows. This begins with a child-oriented atmosphere attuned to the different stages of early childhood. It continues with a diverse and flexible curriculum, offering a variety of choices commensurate with each child's developmental level.

We Believe in Children
There is faith in their eyes,
Love in their touch and hope in their attitude.
We thrill with them at life's joys,
Run with them through tall grasses,
And bow with them in worship.

They are the fragile dreams of yesterday,
Life's radiant reality today,
And the vibrant stuff of tomorrow.
Yes, we believe in children.
— author unknown